Beard Octane Safety Razor - Black

The Beard Octane Safety Razor. Finally...a Beard Grooming Tool that any wild bear wrestling-man can be proud of! When you hold this Safety Razor, you will immediately fell the perfect balance of strength, balance, and grip. This razor went through rigorous tests & revisions in order to ensure it was the perfect solution for your shaving needs.  You can now style your beard with precision while giving yourself a close, clean shave.  
The Beard Octane Safety Razor will help prevent razor burn, skin irritation & ingrown hairs which are often caused by cheap razors. With a Safety Razor, only one (1) blade is in contact with your skin at a time, allowing less of a chance of dragging multiple blades across your face, causing irritation. This beats using a piece of 80 grit sandpaper on your cheek bones.  The Beard Octane Safety Razor comes with one (1) double edge razor blade.
The Beard Octane Safety Razor comes in an ever-so-sleek black box, with the infamous Beard Octane logo printed on it. This in itself has to be worth something...just saying.
The double edge razor blade that comes with the Beard Octane Safety Razor is EXTREMELY SHARP. Do not attempt to shave your friend's back, as it may cut their back. Then they will become upset and potentially file a lawsuit against you. Handle razor blade with extreme caution.  

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