Beard Straightener - Heated Beard Brush For Men

We've fought wars, scaled mountains, and tamed the dreaded itchy phase, and now it's time to conquer the ultimate frontier – your beard's style. Tame your chin curtain's wild side with the power of the Beard Octane Beard Straightener!  After using our heated beard straightener, your unruly facial fur will look as smooth as a freshly paved American highway.
  • Fight the Frizz All Day - Eliminate frizz and flyaways all day long.
  • Multiple Temperature Settings - Easy to adjust your settings, so you can find the right level of heat for styling your beard type.
  • Safe Heat Control - PTC Ceramic heating elements are designed to distribute heat evenly and prevent skin & beard damage.   (NOTE: Our straightener is designed for beards at least 2" in length)
  • Comfortable Grip - Ergonomic, compact design and grip for easy use.
  • 12 Month Warranty - We back up our heated beard straightener for a whole year!
  • Designed in 'Merica  - Joe personally designed this beard straightener!
  • Sweet Embossed Octane Logos and Handles - I mean, look at it! It's majestic.

  1. NEVER USE ON A WET BEARD. Your beard must be dry to avoid creating steam that may burn your skin. Do not use on a beard shorter than 2 inches in length.
  2. Plug the unit's power cord into a property grounded outlet.
  3. Press the ON/OFF button until the LED displays the desired temperature for your beard.
  4. After 60 seconds, the device will be ready to use.
  5. To adjust the temperature, click the ON/OFF button until the LED displays your preferred setting.
  6. Using a medium pace, brush your beard with the Beard Straightener as you would a regular brush, in sections from root to tip. (Depending on your beard's length, this should take a maximum of 5 minutes)
  7. When you have completed straightening your beard, press the ON/OFF button to turn off the unit, unplug it and leave it to cool on a hard surface with the bristles pointing up.
  8. Allow the unit to fully cool before storing.